Collaborative Family Lawyer

"We are still friends but no longer love each other. We have four children and a business. We want to ensure that neither our children nor our business suffers from our divorce and the Collaborative route was the right choice for us to take."

Mr J

Welcome to Collaborative Family Law Group West Midlands

All members of the West Midlands Collaborative Family Law Group are specialist family lawyers.

We are all trained by Resolution as Collaborative Lawyers, and many of us are specialist accredited members of Resolution. In addition to family lawyers, our group has a network of likeminded professionals from other disciplines, such as financial advisers, forensic accountants and pension experts.

What is collaborative law?

  • A new approach, assisting people to resolve family issues by reaching a settlement without court involvement.
  • Achieves a resolution to family issues such as divorce, financial agreements and child contact arrangements, amongst others.
  • Achieves results in a non-confrontational manner, based upon co-operation between parties