Collaborative Family Lawyer

"We are still friends but no longer love each other. We have four children and a business. We want to ensure that neither our children nor our business suffers from our divorce and the Collaborative route was the right choice for us to take."

Mr J

About Us

Collaborative law is a relatively new way of resolving family law matters including divorce, separation, parenting disputes and cohabitation. For people who genuinely seek a fair solution, it offers the best way forward.

The founder members started the group in 2006. In the early days, there were only six solicitors, but over the last few years, our membership has grown to 33 members. Our group now includes like minded people from other professional bodies, such as accountants (to give advice on business valuations, solvency issues and taxation implications), pension experts ( to give expert advice about pension valuations, implications and options of pension shares) and independent advisers to give investment and planning advice.

About You

You want to resolve matters in a non-confrontational, constructive way with the benefit of lawyers who will be by your side throughout.

You want to work together to preserve mutual respect and  take into account the long term effect a divorce will have upon you and the children.

You are agreeable to maintain an atmosphere of respect even in the presence of disagreements.

You will listen to the legal advise from the two lawyers who sit with you.

Together you set the agenda and prioritise the issues that matter to you.

Together you will listen to the other person and their needs and acknowledge that they will listen to you and your needs.

Together you decide when the face to face meetings take place.

Together you set the pace and decide how and when things will happen.