Collaborative Family Lawyer

"We are still friends but no longer love each other. We have four children and a business. We want to ensure that neither our children nor our business suffers from our divorce and the Collaborative route was the right choice for us to take."

Mr J


What can a financial neutral do for you?

26th April 2017

A collaborative approach to your divorce allows you to deal with matters in a considerate and cooperative manner, rather than in a litigious one, and this extends to all matte... more

The Dangers of DIY Financial Advice

30th July 2015
Unknown unknowns are always the biggest danger when it comes to self-service financial planning.
When assisting divorcing couples within the Collaborative process one of t... more

The Perils of a DIY Divorce

5th July 2015
There is an old story about the WWI General who said that he wanted all the divorce lawyers in the front line when the boys went “over the top” in the morning, and when one of... more

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