Collaborative Family Lawyer

"We move through the issues at a pace which could not have been done if we had used the traditional route of solicitors writing to each other and I feel that we achieved a solution quickly with less stress and value for money."

Mrs M

Tell me about Collaborative law

Collaborative family law is a new approach set up by family lawyers to assist people in achieving a resolution to:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Financial issues arising out of separation
  • Child contact arrangements
  • Financial agreements for couples before entering into a marriage, co-habitation or civil partnership
  • Financial agreements for couples after marrying, co-habiting or entering into a civil partnership

In the collaborative law process, the family lawyers and their clients agree, in writing, to reach a settlement without court involvement. This agreement forms the basis of all meetings. The parties must co-operate with each other and have respect for the other party and the Collaborative law  process. In divorce cases the impact of a divorce can be devastating upon the parties and their families, collaborative law can empower the parties to set an agenda and prioritise the issues that matter to them and their family. The parties have control to move matters forward at their pace with the benefit of advise and assistance from the two lawyers. The process is not driven by an imposed court timetable so matters can be resolved at a pace to suit the parties and take into account their objectives and needs.

Due to the nature of collaborative law, meetings can be arranged at a time and location to suit you.